Alkhattat - Online Arabic Calligraphy & Arabesque Learning Platform

  • Mohamed Alsharkawy

Mohamed Alsharkawy is the founder of first online platform for teaching Arabic calligraphy and Islamic decoration (Arabesque) by professional calligraphers who were carefully selected to share their experiences through training courses ..



  • Lateefa Alwaalan

Saudi entrepreneur and IT engineer. She founded a company and an e-commerce platform called "Yatooq" to produce and sell Arabic coffee online in 2008. In addition, she co-founded "CellA," the Saudi Professional Communication Network for Women, a non-profit network that aims to empower Saudi women. recently ran the team that worked on the "Magadhena" mobile application that ranked first in the "Weekend up-Start" exhibition Technology 2011 in Riyadh. In November 2013 Latifa was awarded the title "Inspiring Leader for the Fatherland" from "Forbes Middle East".

Saudi Arabia

Noon Academy

  • Mohammed Aldhalaan & Abdulaziz Alsaeed

An integrated social learning platform for e-learning - Noun Academy was founded in 2013 by Saudi entrepreneurs Mohammed Al-Dulaan and Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saeed Noun Academy has expanded geographically outside Saudi Arabia to start providing services to students in Egypt, and about 4 million students have registered on the platform so far.

Saudi Arabia


  • Al-Harith Al-Atawi

Cloud-Based Queue Management System Alharith Alatawi is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of onegcc, an employment platform, focused on matching Job Seekers with Job Opportunities based on their skills and personalities. onegcc recently raised $ 2.5 Million dollars in its last fundraising round. Along with onegcc, Alharith is also a cofounder in Level Z, The first Tech startup factory in the MENA region with it’s first Startup Skiplino, an intelligent Cloud-Based Queue Management System with 1,500 clients globally. Both onegcc and Skiplino have been named as one of the top 15 innovative startups in the Middle East by Forbes in their latest Forbes Innovators edition. Alharith, previously a CEO of a Saudi Investment Company, was also part of 20 Entrepreneurs selected to be part of the Arab Youth Initiative at the World Government Summit 2018 and named Arab Youth Ambassador by the Arab Thought Foundation for two consecutive terms.


Google Developer Expert, Founder of Google Cloud Developer Community - Saudi Arabia

  • Abdulaziz Hmadi

I’m Abdulaziz bin Ahmed Al-Hammadi. I’m interested in spreading digital knowledge among all Arab societies as well as in enriching the Arabic content on the Internet. My journey with technology started in 2001, when I bought my first computer. Three years later, I created my first website. After three years, I established my first enterprise working in the field of information technology and electronic equipment maintenance. I have had many engagements in many knowledge societies on the Internet, the last of which is ‘Certified Wikipedia Editor’ and Supervisor of "TechSoup" program for software grants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. My relationship with Google started in 2013 when I was named to join ‘The Google Student Ambassador Program’ during my university studies, among 50 people from all Arab countries at the global level. Thereafter, I was honored to be named by ‘Google as certified expert in product strategy’ and the first Arab expert in Cloud office applications at Google. In 2018, Google selected me to be on the final jury of the largest global Hackathon, consisting of 8 arbitrators. In early 2019, I was elected to found the ‘Google Cloud Developer Community Saudi,’ which aims to spread digital knowledge amongst the society. Google Cloud Developer Community is one of the largest knowledge communities in the world. Recently, I was selected among 7 people around the world to appear in Google’s trailer about Google Developers Experts Program.

Saudi Arabia


  • Abdulaziz Al-Jouf

A company working in the field of E-payments

Saudi Arabia


  • Ahmed Al-Zainy

System for management of restaurants and comprehensive points of sale

Saudi Arabia

Letswork App

  • Omar Al-Muhairi

Coworking Spaces Smart Application

United Arab Emirates

Careem App

  • Abdullah Elias

A ride-hailing services company

Saudi Arabia

تطبيق صحتك

  • Ahmed Albader

Online platform that allows the patient to find the best doctor according to his needs. Sihatech’s mission is to allow the hospitals, polyclinics and doctor practices to outsource all business and technology processes to be able to focus on treating the patient

Saudi Arabia

Glowork App

  • Khaled Al-Khudair

Online platform for women empowerment in the labor market A specialized system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia linking female job seekers and employers, and they also have a system that allows women to work from home, which helps to create opportunities for them in rural areas

Saudi Arabia

Marsool App

  • Naif Al-Samri

Order delivery application

Saudi Arabia