Fabulous App

  • Sami bin Hussein and Amin Al-Athari

Healthy Lifestyle App


Malena App

  • Marwa Al Mansoori

Health/Medical Appointment Booking application Marwa Al Mansoori is the Founder Malena APP , Founder of Mass Events UAE and Managing Partner of Masito.AE. Holds Bachelor of Arts (BA)Tourism Managment and Human Resources Managment from Edinburgh Napier University.

United Arab Emirates


  • Nasser Saleh

Electronic payment platform


Mother & Child Guide

  • Nihad Mohammad Soleimani

Awareness website

Saudi Arabia


  • Audrey Nakad

Peer-to-peer education mobile app Audrey Nakad is the Co-Founder And CEO Of Synkers . the core of Synkers is its adaptive learning technology, which connects learners seeking help in specific courses with highly qualified private tutors through a quick online personalized booking process. The minimum viable product was built with the support of Beirut-based technology accelerator [email protected] and a grant from the Lebanese government. Nakad holds Bachelor of Finance from Concordia University in Kanada


Nana App

  • Sami Alhelwah

Sami Alhelwah is the CEO of "Nana Direct" and founder of online grocery shopping leading application, 'Nana app.'

Saudi Arabia

Innovation Club

  • Abdelrhman Mohammed Abdo

We seek to? Developing the skills of children from 4 to 18 years old in various fields Simplifying science for them, teaching them in an innovative and distinct way, expanding their horizons, increasing their thinking and research capabilities, and developing their personal skills in order to raise a generation of the youth who are distinguished, scientifically and culturally, capable of developing, creativity, change and dealing with the surrounding community in a correct way. How will we achieve what we seek? This is by recommending ourselves first, then working with children in five aspects, and they are 1 / Developing children's personal skills, such as (working in groups, presentation skills, leadership skills, expressing oneself, solving problems, the six caps, etc.) in order to create a generation that can deal with society and is able to express itself and its ideas in a correct way from Without problems 2 / Skills of innovation, invention and scientific research (this is in a simplified way from the idea's arrival to implementing a model thereof) 3 / The simplification aspect of science Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Sport and Engineering Sciences and Space In an innovative, interesting and practical way for children Which leads to their knowledge of the surrounding world more and widen their horizons and help them find their true passion for any science 4 / Modern Sciences Such as mental arithmetic, programming and the field of design 5 / Attention to health and nutrition for children This is done by increasing their healthy cultures and training them to deal with critical situations such as first aid And increase their nutritional cultures All these workshops include increasing children's skills to work in groups, self-expression, presentation and leadership skills, communication, problem solving, thinking outside the box, and other required personal skills


Fly Akeed

  • Bassam Almohammadi

Fly Akeed is a waiting list booking service. FlyAkeed platform provides solutions to a range of travel challenges using technology. It is the only application that allows you confirm the booking of waitlisted ticket on closed or cheaper flights. It is the first application of its kind in the region that automates the bookings of companies and firms interested in digital transformation according to the approved travel policies . The company was established in 2015, and achieved successive funding rounds exceeding SR 12 million.

Saudi Arabia

Tarjimly ترجملي

  • Abdulaziz Alghunaim

Abdulaziz Alghunaim, a Saudi national, is the Co-Founder of Tarjimly, a tech nonprofit that allows bilinguals to volunteer as translators for refugees. He got his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science from MIT in 2015. After which he joined Palantir as a Software Engineer working on data-driven decision making in finance, aircraft manufacturing, and oil & gas. In 2018, he left to focus on Tarjimly. A YCombinator backed tech nonprofit that aims to close the communication gap faced by millions of refugees around the world, preventing them from accessing critical services.

Saudi Arabia


  • Alanoud Alqahtani


Saudi Arabia

KSA Digital Game

  • Hussain Mohmmed Ali ALJribi

Hussein ALJribi is a Saudi Game developer and founder and supervisor of ‘KSA Digital Game Group,’ a group that targets e-gaming makers and those interested in the gaming industry. The Group is aimed at spreading knowledge and enriching content in the gaming industry, as well as relevant events including meetings and training workshops in the Kingdom. The games developed by Hussein are ‘Move It’ and ‘Cell Life.’ Hussain holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Computing Technology, in addition to qualifications in game design and development.

Saudi Arabia

Gaming Development

  • Tariq Mukhttar

Tariq Mukhttar is a Saudi game developer. He started with the development of the 'A Cat's Manor' game, which won awards and gained popularity globally. This lead then to creating a community for gaming development in Saudi Arabia, which aims at motivating and encouraging gaming developers in the Arab countries and launching international competitions to develop games locally as well as attracting the attention of governments and universities to the field. These eforts has been crowned with establishing "Manga," a company to produce, enable and develop Saudi gaming and animation professionals.

Saudi Arabia