"Arab Digital Capitals" initiative

The "Arab Digital Capitals" initiative is an initiative created by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the purpose of highlighting the digital efforts exerted by the Arab countries. It comes within the framework of the "Joint Arab Digital Declaration," aimed at unifying the Arab orientations in ICT and digital transformation, that was issued by the 23rd session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Communications and Information Technology held in the Saudi capital Riyadh on 21 Rabie Al-Akhir 1441 AH equivalent to 18 December 2019.

Goals and Principles

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has proposed this initiative to achieve three goals for the Arab world: strengthening digital societies, stimulating youth skills, creating opportunities that enable young people to build a digital economy, according to the following five principles:

Our Goal is Digital Economy - Our Engine is our Youth - Our Fuel is our Data - Our Innovation is our Inspiration - Our Union is our Strength


Principles of The Arab Joint Digital Declaration

In order to build a prosperous and sustainable Arab digital society, we are resolute in striving to ensure that everyone benefits from the opportunities offered by information and communications technology, guided by the following principles.

Inspiring success stories

Arab innovators who have become sources of inspiration and examples for ambition

Fabulous App

  • Sami bin Hussein and Amin Al-Athari

Healthy Lifestyle App


Malena App

  • Marwa Al Mansoori

Health/Medical Appointment Booking application Marwa Al Mansoori is the Founder Malena APP , Founder of Mass Events UAE and Managing Partner of Masito.AE. Holds Bachelor of Arts (BA)Tourism Managment and Human Resources Managment from Edinburgh Napier University.

United Arab Emirates


  • Nasser Saleh

Electronic payment platform


Mother & Child Guide

  • Nihad Mohammad Soleimani

Awareness website

Saudi Arabia


  • Audrey Nakad

Peer-to-peer education mobile app Audrey Nakad is the Co-Founder And CEO Of Synkers . the core of Synkers is its adaptive learning technology, which connects learners seeking help in specific courses with highly qualified private tutors through a quick online personalized booking process. The minimum viable product was built with the support of Beirut-based technology accelerator [email protected] and a grant from the Lebanese government. Nakad holds Bachelor of Finance from Concordia University in Kanada


Nana App

  • Sami Alhelwah

Sami Alhelwah is the CEO of "Nana Direct" and founder of online grocery shopping leading application, 'Nana app.'

Saudi Arabia

Innovation Club

  • Abdelrhman Mohammed Abdo

We seek to? Developing the skills of children from 4 to 18 years old in various fields Simplifying science for them, teaching them in an innovative and distinct way, expanding their horizons, increasing their thinking and research capabilities, and developing their personal skills in order to raise a generation of the youth who are distinguished, scientifically and culturally, capable of developing, creativity, change and dealing with the surrounding community in a correct way. How will we achieve what we seek? This is by recommending ourselves first, then working with children in five aspects, and they are 1 / Developing children's personal skills, such as (working in groups, presentation skills, leadership skills, expressing oneself, solving problems, the six caps, etc.) in order to create a generation that can deal with society and is able to express itself and its ideas in a correct way from Without problems 2 / Skills of innovation, invention and scientific research (this is in a simplified way from the idea's arrival to implementing a model thereof) 3 / The simplification aspect of science Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Sport and Engineering Sciences and Space In an innovative, interesting and practical way for children Which leads to their knowledge of the surrounding world more and widen their horizons and help them find their true passion for any science 4 / Modern Sciences Such as mental arithmetic, programming and the field of design 5 / Attention to health and nutrition for children This is done by increasing their healthy cultures and training them to deal with critical situations such as first aid And increase their nutritional cultures All these workshops include increasing children's skills to work in groups, self-expression, presentation and leadership skills, communication, problem solving, thinking outside the box, and other required personal skills


Fly Akeed

  • Bassam Almohammadi

Fly Akeed is a waiting list booking service. FlyAkeed platform provides solutions to a range of travel challenges using technology. It is the only application that allows you confirm the booking of waitlisted ticket on closed or cheaper flights. It is the first application of its kind in the region that automates the bookings of companies and firms interested in digital transformation according to the approved travel policies . The company was established in 2015, and achieved successive funding rounds exceeding SR 12 million.

Saudi Arabia

Tarjimly ترجملي

  • Abdulaziz Alghunaim

Abdulaziz Alghunaim, a Saudi national, is the Co-Founder of Tarjimly, a tech nonprofit that allows bilinguals to volunteer as translators for refugees. He got his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science from MIT in 2015. After which he joined Palantir as a Software Engineer working on data-driven decision making in finance, aircraft manufacturing, and oil & gas. In 2018, he left to focus on Tarjimly. A YCombinator backed tech nonprofit that aims to close the communication gap faced by millions of refugees around the world, preventing them from accessing critical services.

Saudi Arabia


  • Alanoud Alqahtani


Saudi Arabia

KSA Digital Game

  • Hussain Mohmmed Ali ALJribi

Hussein ALJribi is a Saudi Game developer and founder and supervisor of ‘KSA Digital Game Group,’ a group that targets e-gaming makers and those interested in the gaming industry. The Group is aimed at spreading knowledge and enriching content in the gaming industry, as well as relevant events including meetings and training workshops in the Kingdom. The games developed by Hussein are ‘Move It’ and ‘Cell Life.’ Hussain holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Computing Technology, in addition to qualifications in game design and development.

Saudi Arabia

Gaming Development

  • Tariq Mukhttar

Tariq Mukhttar is a Saudi game developer. He started with the development of the 'A Cat's Manor' game, which won awards and gained popularity globally. This lead then to creating a community for gaming development in Saudi Arabia, which aims at motivating and encouraging gaming developers in the Arab countries and launching international competitions to develop games locally as well as attracting the attention of governments and universities to the field. These eforts has been crowned with establishing "Manga," a company to produce, enable and develop Saudi gaming and animation professionals.

Saudi Arabia

Alkhattat - Online Arabic Calligraphy & Arabesque Learning Platform

  • Mohamed Alsharkawy

Mohamed Alsharkawy is the founder of first online platform for teaching Arabic calligraphy and Islamic decoration (Arabesque) by professional calligraphers who were carefully selected to share their experiences through training courses ..


Info Math

  • Shekah Ali Mohammed AlMuneef

Digital platform for teaching mathematics -- Sheikha Ali Almuneef, a Saudi technology pioneer. She designed and developed an educational application based on interactive infographics to develop mathematical concepts and link the content of the mathematics curricula of the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the public education schools (primary, intermediate and secondary). Each section includes the first semester and the second semester, which contain the units and lessons, where each lessons are supported by interactive infographics.

Saudi Arabia


  • Lateefa Alwaalan

Saudi entrepreneur and IT engineer. She founded a company and an e-commerce platform called "Yatooq" to produce and sell Arabic coffee online in 2008. In addition, she co-founded "CellA," the Saudi Professional Communication Network for Women, a non-profit network that aims to empower Saudi women. recently ran the team that worked on the "Magadhena" mobile application that ranked first in the "Weekend up-Start" exhibition Technology 2011 in Riyadh. In November 2013 Latifa was awarded the title "Inspiring Leader for the Fatherland" from "Forbes Middle East".

Saudi Arabia

Noon Academy

  • Mohammed Aldhalaan & Abdulaziz Alsaeed

An integrated social learning platform for e-learning - Noun Academy was founded in 2013 by Saudi entrepreneurs Mohammed Al-Dulaan and Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saeed Noun Academy has expanded geographically outside Saudi Arabia to start providing services to students in Egypt, and about 4 million students have registered on the platform so far.

Saudi Arabia


  • Nada AlHarthi

Digital Platform for Women Empowerment -- Nada AlHarthi is a Saudi Entrepreneur, Co-founder of "LEAN IN Saudi" and Rofaida.Org, and their digital platforms . She is currently the Vice President of Business Affairs at Zain KSA. She holds Bachelor of Finance from, International Studies from University of Oregon (2007 – 2011), in addition to Master of Global Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Saudi Arabia


  • Hani Thalji

Technology Company - Hani Thalaji, a Jordanian entrepreneur, a co-founder and CEO of Varari. He was a co-founder and business manager for BEECELL, one of the largest value-added services companies in the Middle East. He also was the co-founder and CEO of Apprikot, a company specialized in developing mobile applications, in addition to serving as a founding partner of Tomandora Productions, which is specialized in developing creative content and animation. Snowy holds an MA from Yarmouk University and a BA from the University of Jordan.


Arabic Calligraphy Teaching App

  • Saleh Mulhi

Multi-lingual digital platform for teaching Arabic Calligraphy -- Saleh Mulhi is a Saudi tech entrepreneur who designed and developed an application to teach Arabic calligraphy to non-Arabic speakers in more than 20 international languages in addition to sign language in six international languages in partnership with his brother Dr. Salah Mulhi, a specialist in teaching Arabic calligraphy at the Institute of Arabic Language for Non-Arabic Speakers at the Islamic University. Work is currently underway on developing a second version with more advanced and easier user experience.

Saudi Arabia

سيمانور | Semanoor

  • Emad Aldoghaither

Smart ELearning Platform -- Emad Aldoghaither is Saudi entrepreneur has been the founder and CEO of Semanoor International since 1999. Semanoor International recently launched the "Semanoor Platform for Arab University Students" initiative, which provides free sharing of digital educational, scientific and other materials and access to relevant digital libraries. Semanoor is an integrated environment for any content related issue, such as: authoring, enrichment, publishing and sharing. It involves many digital libraries (Content stores) that allow user to search for books, courses, encyclopedias, mind maps, quizzes and multimedia. You can enrich any content in the library. And share it with other users. Al-Daghatheer holds a Bachelor's degree in Business and Public Administration from the Pacific Lutheran University in the United States of America in 1989.

Saudi Arabia

ضاد | Dhad

  • Manar Alomayri

Dhad Online Platform - Manar Saud Alomayri, a Saudi entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of the “DHAD” platform. Dhad Audiobooks provide a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles in the Arabic language. Our full range of titles can be accessed on any device, anywhere, for easy listening. Customers around the world, including all 22 Arabic speaking countries, can access our content through our website and smartphone app. Al-Amiri holds a Bachelor of Science in Information and Communications Technology and a Bachelor of Computer Science.

Saudi Arabia

سيتا | SITA

  • Aljohara Almodaimigh

Online Store - The Saudi entrepreneur Aljohara Abdulaziz Almodaimigh is the President and Founder of Sita Online Store. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising from the University of the Arts, London in the United Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia

Rofaida Digital Platform

  • Dr. Fatima Aاhamlan

Digital Health Platform -- The Saudi leader Dr. Fatima Aاhamlan is a scientific researcher and founder/Vice Chairman of Rofaida Women's Health Org., a specialized platform that aims to support women with the correct health information and provide a reliable reference for them to learn healthy health habits and to be a safe support for every woman. Dr. Fatima Alhamlan is the Head of the Scientific Information Office at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center since 2016, a co-leader of the Global Health Working Group in the G20 for Civil Society "C20" since December 2019, and the Chair of the Scientific Committee at the National Olympiad for Scientific Innovation "Ibdaa" since August 2019, And Assistant Professor at Al-Faisal University since 2015. Dr.Aاhamlan is a member of the panel of judges for the award of innovators by MIT Technology Review for 2018 and 2019, and chaired the scientific committee for the Saudi team that participated in Intel ISEF 2015, and also served as a member of the scientific committee of "Ibdaa." Aاhamlan holds a PhD in Microbiology, Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry from the University of Idaho, USA.

Saudi Arabia

Blossom | بلوسوم

  • Eman Abdulshakoor

Technology Business Accelerator - Eman Abdulshakoor is a Saudi entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Blossom Co. -business accelerator- since December 2017. She is also Vice President of Marketing and Sales Consultancy at XS Company for Specialized Conferences and Exhibitions since January 2017, and co-founder of the "Techpreneurship Sprint Forum" since July 2017 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to being a freelance writer for "Wamda" platform. Eman worked at “Careem” known for its famous Arab ride-hailing application, and learned a lot from it. Then established “Blossom” for entrepreneurship as an accelerator that provides support to the new generation of female entrepreneurs by linking their businesses to information technology in the Kingdom, with aview to promote the Saudi economic environment by stimulating projects She has always confirmed that this is based on her awareness that programming is the primary and consistent axis in the field of technology and innovation in entrepreneurship. Blossom has obtained accreditation from the Global Accelerator Network. She participated in the World Economic Forum 2018 (Davos events) as the youngest Saudi female entrepreneur Eman holds a Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience.

Saudi Arabia

Women Spark

  • Deemah AlYahya

Women Empowerment in Technology Platform -- Deemah AlYahya is a Saudi ICT leader and entrepreneur, Digital Economy advisor and innovation catalyst. She is the founder and CEO of WomenSpark since 2013. WomenSpark is network of investors seeking to give emerging digital skills to women the necessary support, training them to invest and activate and develop digital enterprises to form a generation of digital economy makers who simulate the world in a well-versed technical language. She is also the founder and managing partner of ALMTD Consulting since 2019, Member of the Board Of Directors for The Saudi Federation for Cyber Security and Programming (SAFCSP), Member of the Global Future Council for Digital Economy & Society at the World Economic Forum, and Member of MIT REAP (Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program), and Member of the Administrative Supervisory Board Global for the Entrepreneurship Network, Member of the Executive committee of B20 Saudi Arabia, G20. In addition, she is a founding board member of the Innovation and Technology Association. She was Advisor and Chief MiSK Innovation at Misk Foundation in 2017-2019, Secretary General and CEO of the National Digital Transformation Unit in 2016-2017, Executive Director and Chief Innovation Evangelist at Microsoft, and was Director Of e-Services at Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2009-2010. She was a senior e-services software engineer and then e-Business Development Manager at the Saudi Stock Exchange (TADAWUL) in 2004-2009.

Saudi Arabia

Greenish Co.

  • Noura Alnasser

Online Store - Norua Alnasser is a Saudi entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Greenish, a health and organic food store. Noura is also an e-commerce guide at the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises “Monsha'at”. Noura holds a Bachelor's degree in Education from King Abdulaziz University.

Saudi Arabia

زد | Zid

  • Mazen AlDharrab

Mazen AlDharrab is a Saudi entrepreneur. He is the founder of “Zid” Company since January 2017 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is specialized in building e-retail companies, e-commerce and e-marketing in the Arab region. In addition, he is a member of the boards of directors of several startups. He was a partner in Qudra Company between 2012 and 2015, and a founding partner in eTree between 2015 and 2011. Mazen specializes in, and founded and managed x from 2009 to 2012, and E-Commerce Company He was also a founding partner in “Harakat Visual Production Company” between 2011 and 2013 and served as general manager between 2013 and 2018. He founded and was the CEO of "E-Commerce Sea" between 2011 and 2013. He worked as director of e-business development in "Net National N2 (Ventures") during 2011, and Director of Production in the Online Services and Portals division at "King Saud University" during 2010. He also served as Director of Projects and Websites at "Medionet" between 2007 and 2008, the Technology Editor in Al-Watan newspaper in Saudi Arabia between 2007 and 2008, and Systems Analyst at the Saudi Telecom Company (STC) between 2006 and 2007. He was awarded the "Most Innovative Entrepreneur in KSA" by "Forbes Middle East" in 2013. He holds a master’s degree in e-commerce and e-marketing in 2010 from the University of Western Australia, a bachelor’s in computer science in 2006 from King Saud University, and a degree in digital leadership and social strategy in 2015 from the Harvard Business School.

Saudi Arabia

Konnasha | كناشة

  • Ahmad Almaiman

Digital Arabic Reading Platform - The Saudi tech pioneer Ahmed Almaiman is the co-founder of 'Konnasha' platform and application, which aims to enable Arabs to read, develop their reading habits, and make it part of their lifestyle. Almaiman is also the CEO of Arabia IT Company. Almaiman has experience and a successful track record in business transformation from web platforms to mobile applications and Arabic application development. He holds a Bachelor of Information Systems from Prince Sultan University in 2013.

Saudi Arabia


  • Al-Harith Al-Atawi

Cloud-Based Queue Management System Alharith Alatawi is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of onegcc, an employment platform, focused on matching Job Seekers with Job Opportunities based on their skills and personalities. onegcc recently raised $ 2.5 Million dollars in its last fundraising round. Along with onegcc, Alharith is also a cofounder in Level Z, The first Tech startup factory in the MENA region with it’s first Startup Skiplino, an intelligent Cloud-Based Queue Management System with 1,500 clients globally. Both onegcc and Skiplino have been named as one of the top 15 innovative startups in the Middle East by Forbes in their latest Forbes Innovators edition. Alharith, previously a CEO of a Saudi Investment Company, was also part of 20 Entrepreneurs selected to be part of the Arab Youth Initiative at the World Government Summit 2018 and named Arab Youth Ambassador by the Arab Thought Foundation for two consecutive terms.


Google Developer Expert, Founder of Google Cloud Developer Community - Saudi Arabia

  • Abdulaziz Hmadi

I’m Abdulaziz bin Ahmed Al-Hammadi. I’m interested in spreading digital knowledge among all Arab societies as well as in enriching the Arabic content on the Internet. My journey with technology started in 2001, when I bought my first computer. Three years later, I created my first website. After three years, I established my first enterprise working in the field of information technology and electronic equipment maintenance. I have had many engagements in many knowledge societies on the Internet, the last of which is ‘Certified Wikipedia Editor’ and Supervisor of "TechSoup" program for software grants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. My relationship with Google started in 2013 when I was named to join ‘The Google Student Ambassador Program’ during my university studies, among 50 people from all Arab countries at the global level. Thereafter, I was honored to be named by ‘Google as certified expert in product strategy’ and the first Arab expert in Cloud office applications at Google. In 2018, Google selected me to be on the final jury of the largest global Hackathon, consisting of 8 arbitrators. In early 2019, I was elected to found the ‘Google Cloud Developer Community Saudi,’ which aims to spread digital knowledge amongst the society. Google Cloud Developer Community is one of the largest knowledge communities in the world. Recently, I was selected among 7 people around the world to appear in Google’s trailer about Google Developers Experts Program.

Saudi Arabia


  • Abdulaziz Al-Jouf

A company working in the field of E-payments

Saudi Arabia


  • Ahmed Al-Zainy

System for management of restaurants and comprehensive points of sale

Saudi Arabia

Letswork App

  • Omar Al-Muhairi

Coworking Spaces Smart Application

United Arab Emirates

Careem App

  • Abdullah Elias

A ride-hailing services company

Saudi Arabia

تطبيق صحتك

  • Ahmed Albader

Online platform that allows the patient to find the best doctor according to his needs. Sihatech’s mission is to allow the hospitals, polyclinics and doctor practices to outsource all business and technology processes to be able to focus on treating the patient

Saudi Arabia

Glowork App

  • Khaled Al-Khudair

Online platform for women empowerment in the labor market A specialized system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia linking female job seekers and employers, and they also have a system that allows women to work from home, which helps to create opportunities for them in rural areas

Saudi Arabia

Marsool App

  • Naif Al-Samri

Order delivery application

Saudi Arabia

Green Globe Project

  • Sumaya Bint Nasser Al-Rawahi

Green Power Solutions Startup


Vezeeta App

  • Amir Barsoum

Digital healthcare platform


Carriage App

  • Abdullah Hammad Al-Mutawa

Online food delivery platform


Almosafer App

  • Farouk Al-Jeraisy

Tourist online platform

Saudi Arabia

Crowd analyzer

  • Ahmed Saad

Social media content analysis platform



  • Talal Bayaa

This platform allows users to find, compare and buy insurance policies


Tirhal App

  • Muhammad Omar al-Zaki

Taxi booking application



  • Idris Al-Rifai - Joy Ajlouni

Logistic services online platform



  • Fadi Yahya

Collaborative learning platform for hobbies

Saudi Arabia

Sawah App

  • Yasser Al-Ahmad

Comprehensive electronic tourist guide

Saudi Arabia

HalalaH App

  • Issam Al-Nahdi

Digital wallet

Saudi Arabia

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Projects list

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